When I first saw Robert Weatherfords paintings I thought these are breathtaking I was in awe, moved by the raw strength, vital movement, and daring colors. Claire Falkinstein, noted artist, seeing a floral still life by Robert, said, I haven't seen a colorist like this since Clifford Still.

One steps into Robert's paintings as well as his life. They are one. Sharing an artist's work is sharing an artist's life. I have been privileged to do both. Besides the camaraderie, there is the knowledge shared and learning gained. And Robert's paintings are just that shared adventures.

Robert teaches us what it is like not only to paint, but how to live

Professor of Art, Columbia University

Robert Weatherfords paintings show a continuity with expressionist ideas. The direct application of brilliant color applied in long brush-strokes and his undulating black lines reminds us of Rouault, Modigliani, and Soutine. Patterns in his paintings evoke antique carpets and give the viewer a pleasing tension juxtaposed with the expressive line he so confidently uses.

Weatherfords Moroccan experience portrayed in the Flag Paintings give the viewer a glimpse of serene moments captured in fluttering banners. His handling of his varied subjects immerse the viewer into the artist’s heart and his way of giving thanks.