An eternal theme, flowers in a vase plunges me into wonder at nature's generosity. We expect to feel awe watching a sunset. But flowers in a vase is something that catches us as We cross a room. It's a glory that startles us in the moment of forgetfulness. Floral still lifes as well as everyday flowers in a vase are a shrine to nature.

We are out of balance if we focus on beauty to the exclusion of aggression. The fighter series deals with the darker side of life which is important to honor as well. I need to remember that suffering is as universal as beauty.

Between the extremes of beauty and strife, these fishermen's flags sit in piles on the beach at Ossouria, Morocco. They are plain and man-made. What attracted me were the brilliant colors. Flapping in the breezes in comfortable chaos, they rest before the stint at sea. Everyday beauty that we appreciate when we can.